Yoga Tips from QSY – Align Your Shoulders in Downward Dog

Shoulder alignment can be a tricky part of Downward Dog. You might feel like the instructions from your yoga teacher are telling you opposite things. In some ways we might be telling you opposite things, because in a drop-in class we are trying to give alignment information for lots of different types of shoulders (from very mobile to very stable). In this video we get explicit about how to align your shoulders if your shoulders are more stable and have the tendency to “tent” forwards and how to align your shoulders if your shoulders are more mobile or tend to “collapse” downwards.

Have an alignment question about a particular pose or particular are of the body? Leave a comment and we will try to make a video to answer your question!


8-Point Pose (Astavakrasana)

My mentor Christi-an often says, “Let what you can’t yet do inspire you!”

Not too long ago this pose used to baffle me, but with steady practice and careful alignment it’s gradually become one of my favorite arm balancing poses. Both myself and Emma have been introducing it in our classes lately, and it’s been so fun to both watch students take flight, and see the smiles filling the room as we try sometime new, ridiculous, and seemingly impossible. Thankfully the ground isn’t far below! Continue reading